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The Best Fried Chicken Spots in America

The Best Fried Chicken Spots in America

Thrilist Nation

February 20, 2015

By Kevin Alexander & Liz Childers

“Fried chicken? In Miami?!?! Obviously these writers have never actually had good fried chicken.” That’s my imitation of an inevitable comment coming for our inclusion of a South Florida joint on this list. But guess what, friends? We have eaten good fried chicken (possibly even at 20 other places on this list), and this Miami joint deserves inclusion too. You can go one of two ways: either with Llewellyn’s Fine Fried Chicken itself with some spicy Tabasco honey, or—our move—the Chicken N’ Watermelon N’ Waffles, which features hot sauce honey, chilled spice watermelon, a cheddar cheese chow chow waffle, and bourbon maple syrup. Just typing those words make me want to re-live it.

Belly Up To The Newest Southern Eatery To Grace Vegas

Belly Up To The Newest Southern Eatery To Grace Vegas

Las Vegas Magazine

February 13, 2015

By Nina King

Pork belly. Those are two words that make many people salivate. Imagine pairing them with other words, such as fried green tomato. What if you twisted that a little bit, and tried the words house-cured and smoked bacon? Yes, the pig is big at Yardbird Southern Table & Bar.



Women’s Wear Daily

February 12, 2015

By Rebecca Dancer

Fried chicken and waffles has made its way onto the Strip with the January opening of Yardbird Southern Table & Bar, located inside the Venetian. From restaurant group 50 Eggs Inc., the 8,000-square-foot eatery is an offshoot of the Miami Beach original. Inside, rustic accents like reclaimed wood paneling, whitewashed brick and an Edison bulb chandelier make the 180-seat dining room a casual and cozy space.

The Sunshine State’s sweetest uses of oranges

The Sunshine State’s sweetest uses of oranges

USA Today Travel

February 9, 2015

By Eric Grossman

Yardbird Miami’s House-Infused Woodford Reserve Bourbon is infused with fresh Florida Orange Juice.

Southern Comfort Classics

Southern Comfort Classics

The Morning Blend

January 27, 2015

The newest addition to Venetian’s Restaurant Row, Yardbird Southern Table & Bar is now open for hungry customers. Executive Chef, Todd Harrington stops by to give us a taste of its comfort classics.