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House Cocktails

  1. Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade
  2. bloody yardbird
  3. mint julep

The Southern Bar

On the outskirts of town. A crooked shack with a crooked sign. Maybe the faint buzz of neon or some muffled hootin’ & hollerin’. There it stood, somewhere between a backbreaking week of hard labor and a hand-raising, soul-saving service on Sunday. The Southern bar. From juke joints to honky tonks, barrelhouses to backrooms, you’d find Bootleggers and Baptist rubbin’ elbows and worshipping the whisky. Whether you were lookin’ for a little respite or just doin’ how you always do, it’s where you’d let it all hang out. Forgettin’ your troubles for a time and workin’ up a fever. Shake what your mama gave you. Don’t matter, Preacher gonna heal you come Sunday.